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Figurie A.M.

Toys are for children said they... You are a grown person said they... Except when you really want to play with toys and expect to add the "pew, pew" sound. Then that just make you down right silly.

Of course this is the opinion of this blog's creator thus if you wanna play with the "pew pew" sound effect... By all means go ahead. 

Any how this page are dedicated to any types of toys but specially for figurines hence the name 'Figurie AM.'. The AM. stands for 'After Market', since I may mod my "toys" for better satisfaction out of it.

I will update this page in a jiffy... Keep tuning in!


This is Metis (Name will be change for possessive reasons.)

This speak to me as... "Your a** is grass!"

Another pose...

Close up of Metis

Killer Pose! (Pose Maut!)

The bus is late... Instead coming to the bus stop (like Rebecca Black), let the bus come here!

Welcoming Mirai Suenaga!

A New Challenger Appears!

Oohh... A doggie!

Close-up time!

Throw your hands in the air Eee-YO~

Close up of Mirai Suenaga & Metis.

Head chop!

Pose for the camera!

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬~From the distants~♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

~Another pose~

Supervise by Metis, Mirai updates my blog! Muahahaha!


  1. figures can be safely washed using handsoap..or so they say.

    1. Well... It depends, if stains/smug not that deep, it can be removed by ordinary hand soap. If not you can use O2-ion detergent, i.e, in Malaysia, Vanish, a fabric stain remover detergent fits the bill very well in making deep smug/stains go away :)